Department of Urban System Science

Department of Urban System Science

Department of Urban System Science
Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences
Tokyo Metropolitan University


Department Overview

Urban growth progressed rapidly in the 20th century. Now, 50% of the
world’s population and 80% of Japan’s live in cities. Meanwhile, Japan’s
decreasing birthrate has led to rapidly aging urban populations and
aggressive changes in society. More than ever, it is important to promote
urban development that prioritizes the utilization of stock, disaster
preparedness, and sustainability, and the application of highly advanced
information technology. The Department of Urban System Science
focuses on comprehensive research on issues that modern cities face.


Master’s Program: 15 students
Doctoral Program: 5 students

Entrance Examinations

The entrance examination for university students and working adults is
scheduled in summer (August).
The entrance examination for students from abroad is scheduled in
winter (February). If additional seats are available following the summer
examination, a winter examination may be scheduled for university
students and working adults. Those who complete undergraduate
programs at Tokyo Metropolitan University are eligible to apply for a
waiver for the written examination.

Entrance Examination Information, Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences


The predecessor of the Department of Urban System Science was the Urban System
Research Group founded as an interdisciplinary joint research group for urban systems at
Tokyo Metropolitan University at the beginning of 1960’s. The Urban Community Research
Center was established in 1977, and, in 1994, the Graduate School of Urban Sciences was
founded as the first graduate school for interdisciplinary research on urban systems in Japan.
In 2006, the graduate school was reorganized into its current form. The achievements of
research and education over its almost 50-year history have been published in the Urban
System Research Library and Urban Sciences Library.

Admission Policy

Students the Department of Urban System Science in interested in
1. Individuals in possession of a broad range of theories, knowledge, and techniques related
 to the urban sciences;
2. Individuals who have extensive knowledge in specific fields associated with urban systems
 and the ability to conduct research in those fields;
3. Individuals with a solid sense of humanity, who are social and cooperative, and who have
 a strong moral compass;
4. Individuals who have a broad perspective, who think internationality and who have
 proficiency in language;
5. Individuals who are able to flexibly implement new technologies and concepts; and
6. Individuals who have practical ability in finding comprehensive solutions to urban
The department evaluates the above through oral interview conducted as a part of the
entrance examination.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Students come to the graduate school with a broad range of specialties and experience
from universities around the nation and around the globe. The Department of Urban System
Science provides this diverse student population lectures and practical experience in a number
of academic areas. The majority of classes are small-group lectures of from three to ten
students. Saturday classes are also offered to accommodate working adults. The department
has a multidisciplinary research support system that features Urban Science Seminars, a
unique program in which all teachers participate to provide instruction to students enrolled in
the master’s and doctoral programs. Students in the master’s program have the opportunity to
participate in 5 seminars, and students in doctoral program have the opportunity to participate
in 4 seminars. Students are able to acquire degrees in Urban Science, which is the specialty
of this department, and are also able to select Engineering or Science depending on their
individual specialty.

Graduate Careers

Tokyo Metropolitan Government/ Yamagata Prefectural Government/ Shibuya Ward
Office/ Setagaya Ward Office/ Hachioji City Office/ Yokohama City Office/ Takasaki City
Office/ Kawasaki City Office/ Urban Renaissance Agency (UR)/ Mitsubishi UFJ Trust
and Banking Corporation/JR-East/ Taisei Corporation/ Obayashi Corporation/ ITEC Inc./
Yamaha Corporation/ Nihon Sekkei, Inc./ Misawa Homes Co., Ltd./ Daiwa House Industry
Co., Ltd./ Toto Bath Create Ltd./ Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd./ Qunetto Japan Co., Ltd. /
Fujiki Komuten Co., Ltd./ Mizuho Investors Securities Co., Ltd./ Sunric Co., Ltd./ Diamond
City Co., Ltd./ Japan Airlines/ Other


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