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Mar 1, 2017
14:00 to 16:30 on April 29
Admission guidance of the Department of Tourism Science, graduate school, at Akihabara.
Jan 25, 2016
3:00 pm on January 25.
Final presentations by in- and out-bound students joined AIMS program.
Jan 22, 2015
January 20, during lunch break.
Guidance of Tourism Management Minor Course.
Jan 7, 2016
January 7, during lunch break.
Admission guidance of Division of Nature and Culture-based Tourism.
Dec 1, 15
Joint work on young farmer training by TMU (member: Prof. KIKUCHI) and the Tama Shinkin Bank appears on Campus for the Community Vol.15.
Nov 27, 15
Joint research on all season guest attraction plan in the Tokyo Summerland by Assoc. Prof. KAWAHARA (tourism science) and Assoc. Prof. AIBA (urban system science) has resulted in the opening of new tourism attaction "Wonderful Nature Village"
The news appears on the TOSEI SHIMPO newspaper.
Nov 27, 15
DaredemoGuide! by Assoc. Prof. KURATA's group won a best prize at G-Space EXPO 2015
Offitial Twitter in Japanse
Nov 20, 15
Short lecture by Assoc. Prof. KAWAHARA appears on the Univ Website (in Japanese).
Oct 12, 15
Assis. Prof. SUGIMOTO won a best poster award at the 10th China-Japan-Korea Joint Conference on Geography and the 1st Asian Conference on Geography
Oct 2, 2015
October 2, during lunch break.
Guidance of Tourism Management Minor Course.
Sep 26, 2015-
Sep 27, 2015
Kurata Lab. jointed with Hara Lab., the Univ. of Tokyo appears in Tourism EXPO Japan to demonstrate CT-Planner, a support tool to develop a tourism plan.
Sep 14, 2015
Team "Bea-san Touris" (eight B3 students, supervisor : Assis. Prof. AI) won a Performance Prize at the 2015 University Students' Tourism Machizukuri Competition (Aomori Stage)
Aug 20, 2015
Video of lectures in Open Campus available here.
June 23, 2015
Res. Assoc. Prof. HOSAKA won Kira Prize at The Japan Society of Tropical Ecology
June 20, 2015
Assis. Prof. SUGIMOTO won Incentive Award
at Japan Association on Geographical Space
June 3, 2015
Annual Report FY 2014 Now Available!
May 15, 2015
June 11, 2015
Prof. AZUMA appears on NHK-BS2 TV program.
8 pm to 9 pm on May 15 and June 11.
May 16, 2015
Assoc. Prof. NAOI's work with Mr. TANAKA and Prof. IIJIMA won MERA presentation award
Apr 27, 2015
Assoc. Prof. KURATA appears on GIS NEXT magazine, Vol. 51
Apr 1, 2015
Assis. Prof. SUGIHARA arrived!
Mar 27, 2015
Titles of graduation and master theses updated.
Mar 27, 2015
Ms. MORIMOTO's joint work won Student Poster Award at 126th Annual Meeting of the Japan Forestry Society
Mar 21, 2015
Ms. Muna Maryam binti Azmy's presentation won Best Award of English presentation at 62th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of Japan
Azmy, M.M., S. Numata, T. Hosaka, M. Hashim (2015).
Identification of triggering climatic factors contributed to general flowering event in Peninsular Malaysia using remote sensing utilities
Feb 24, 2015
Tourism Magazine updated!
Contents are in Japanese
Dec 20, 2014
Proposal by KAWAHARA lab. (speaker: Ms. Norie HIRATA) won a incentive award at the 2014 machizukuri competition for university students in Tama
Official Website of the competition in Japanese.
Dec 16, 2014
Ota Open Factory, a collaborative work by Assoc. Prof. KAWAHARA, Assis. Prof. OKAMURA, and graduate students
introduced on the Asahi Shimbun (NP).
HP by workshop of Ota Creative Town in Japanese.

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