Message from Department

Department of Applied Chemistry is specialized in chemistry. And we focus on the chemistry of engineering that benefits people. Based on the issue, we are committed to education and researches. From such view point, applied chemistry covers a very wide range of research fields including energy- and environment-related fields and life sciences. The range of research in applied chemistry will further expand with the progress of science and technology. Researchers of applied chemistry will be required to identify and solve problems for the expanding and complicated fields of chemistry. Therefore, graduates of our department will be expected to require practical problem-solving abilities as well as an excellent foundation in different fields of chemistry. The programs provided in this Department are intended to not only improve the practical problem-solving abilities of students but also produce researchers and engineers who will play leading roles in chemistry for the 21st century.

Our curriculum is designed to enable students to progress from basic to specialized topics in a logical manner so that they can solve increasingly complicated problems. Through this curriculum, students focus on the properties and reactions of atoms and molecules and acquire a foundation for understanding the behavior of more complicated systems, such as crystals, supermolecules, and molecular assemblies. We also provide interactive options, such as seminars and special research projects, in addition to lectures, enabling students to identify specific problems and hone their problem-solving abilities, as well as their presentation and communication skills.

Research activities, paired with education, are carried out focusing on energy, nanotechnology, the environment, and life sciences, by 11 research groups in the Department. These groups are leaders in their respective fields and have gained an excellent reputation both in Japan and overseas. Senior and graduate students belong to one of these groups and engage in leading research, supported by the advanced facilities and equipment of the university.

We welcome well-rounded students who have studied a wide range of subjects at high school and who will commit themselves to studying topics of interest, become actively involved in university life, and play a leading role in opening up new research fields in applied chemistry. We hope that you will join us, enthusiastically improve your skills and abilities, and mature into researchers or engineers who can advance applied chemistry in the 21st century.