Laboratory of Environmental Geography

 We study processes enacted upon human and natural environment in local and regional scales, with interdisciplinary fields comprised of physical geography, environmental chemistry, forest ecology, soil science, anthropology and so on. Research methods are in primary based on fieldworks associated with laboratory analyses of soil, water, plant and other environmental samples collected, interview survey, aerial photo and satellite imagery interpretation as well. Evaluation of urban soils as environmental resources is one of our major research subject together with overseas field studies.
 Research themes;

  1. 1) Development of survey methodology for evaluation of soils in urban area
  2. 2) Characterization of sclerotium grains and their function in forest soil ecosystem
  3. 3) Geoarcheological study on ancient water environment of Kharga, Western Desert, Egypt
  4. 4) Environmental dynamics study of watershed area of SWIP dam in central Luzon, Philippines
  5. 5) Environmental risk evaluation of heavy metals around urban and mining area of Mongolia
  6. 6) Vegetation and land recovery after forest fire in taiga of Sibera permafrost area
  7. 7) Effective application of plant residues for acid soil rehabilitation to enhance agricultural productivity
  8. 8) Influence of land use and land cover change in sub-urban areas on water quality in soils and water resources
  9. 9) Soil carbon sequestration from the view point of soil parent materials

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