Laboratory of Quaternary Geology and Geomorphology

 To prospect the futuristic view of environmental changes, our laboratory investigates the history and process of surface landform/geological development during the Quaternary period (the last 2–3 million years). The followings are some topics of our studies.

  1. 1) Reconstruction of geomorphological/geological phenomena during the Quaternary with accuracies of 105–101 years
  2. 2) Study on volcanic products (tephra) and explosive eruption history in and around the Japanese Islands
  3. 3) Investigation on production–transport–depositional processes of sediment particles
  4. 4) Study on coastal–deep marine sediment for estimation of natural hazard history and influence of human activity to natural environment
  5. 5) Reconstruction of earthquake recurrence interval and fault activity induced from landform and sediment
  6. 6) Investigation on marine/fluvial terraces for reconstruction of landform development and crustal movement during the last 105 years

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