Laboratory of Urban and Human Geography

 This research unit specializes in human geography, with special emphasis on the city and its environs. Our research interests center on the structural explanation of the relationship between human activities and geographic environment by employing approaches of social sciences and humanities. Methodologically, the emphasis lies largely on positivistic (viz., quantitative or mathematical); fieldwork is also encouraged. The research interests cover quantitative, socioeconomic, urban and behavioral geography. The main themes of our current research are as follows:

  1. Mathematical modeling of human geographic phenomena
  2. Regional analysis of human geographic phenomena
    1. 1) Relationship between human activities and geographic environment
    2. 2) Land use change in the city and its suburbs
    3. 3) Spatial organization of the society
    4. 4) Transformation of human activities brought about by environmental change
  3. Geographical studies of urban systems
    1. 1) Spatial structures of intra-urban system
    2. 2) System of cities
  4. Geographical thought
    1. 1) History of modern geography
    2. 2) Bibliometric research of geographical studies

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