Message from the Dean

Welcome to the wonderful world of intelligence!

Let’s define the place where many people live as a ‘city.

In a city, ‘human beings,’ ‘materials,’ ‘energy,’ ‘information’ and ‘artificial structures such as buildings’ are integrated in a superdense state in a certain ‘natural environment.’ Let’s assume these as ‘factors’ of the city. Each factor changes in terms of time and space as a result of its interactions with all the other factors. Gigantic cities such as Tokyo are called ‘megacities,’ and each factor of a megacity interacts with all others in an extremely complicated way. The Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences aspires to create a rich and comfortable city life, cities that evolve into vibrant structures harmonious with the global environment. To attain these aims, each factor is studied in depth in the Courses offered by the Faculty.

The Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences of the Tokyo Metropolitan University is staffed by an excellent group of researchers, and has a full range of state-of-the-art equipment on hand. It is said that good seedlings take root and grow well in good soil. Enhance your capability at will and to the fullest extent! Become an intellectual in urban environmental science!