Laboratory of Climatology

 Our laboratory investigates climate system on the earth in various temporal-spatial scales. In particular, we focus on climate changes due both to natural and anthoropogenic causes,  for example, processes of heat island and heavy rainfall events over and around urban regions, and influences of land-use changes and deforestation on regional climates. We also investigate diurnal, intra-seasonal, and inter-annual variabilities and long-term changes of climate, in particular, rainfall activities in the Asian monsoon region, and influences of global warming on regional climates (future projection).
   We apply three major methods, observation (monitoring), data-analysis of various global and regional datasets, and numerical modeling for investigating above mentioned topics.

Geography, Climatology, Meteorology, Geosciences (Earth Sciences)

Topics of Research
Urban Climatology, Asian Monsoon, Hydrological Cycle, Precipitation Processes,
Meso-scale Climatology,  Land-Atmospheric Interactions,
Anthropogenic Climate Changes (Global Warming, Urbanization, Deforestations)

Methods; Data Analysis, Observations, Numerical Modeling

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